RHOF Organizational Information

The Retina Hall of Fame is organized as a not-for-profit corporation.

It is governed by a board of directors, with a maximum number of nine directors.  The President and the Secretary-Treasurer are the two officers of the board responsible for ongoing management of the RHOF.


The Retina Hall of Fame recognizes and honors individuals who have contributed to the subspecialty of retina.  The RHOF endeavors to honor lifetime achievements and contributions of individuals in a variety of clinical disciplines, as well as other areas of research, education and treatment.  These include:

  1. Vitreoretinal diseases and treatments
  2. Vitreoretinal surgery and surgical concepts
  3. Macular diseases and treatments
  4. Ophthalmic and surgical instrumentation
  5. Growth and recognition of the field of retina as a unique subspecialty in ophthalmology
  6. Unique educational achievements in the realm of retina
  7. Any other areas that the Board of Directors feels need recognition in the field of retina


Five founding members established the Retina Hall of Fame and serve as the original Board of Directors.

A group of Charter Inductees were named honoring both living and posthumous individuals.  Subsequently, during each calendar year, a new class of inductees will be selected and inducted.  The following principles and procedures govern the naming of inductees:

  • There shall be no bias in selections based on nationality, race, religion, age or affiliation
  • Inductees will be chosen according to the procedures established by the Selection Committee
  • Any retinal specialist can nominate a worthy candidate -- living or posthumous -- provided they meet the criteria and appropriate documentation supporting the nomination is submitted
  • Membership in the Retina Hall of Fame, once bestowed, is perpetual
  • Any member convicted of a felony or involuntary loss of their medical license will be removed from the Retina Hall of Fame