Nomination Criteria and Procedures

The Board of Directors of the Retina Hall of Fame is pleased to accept nominations for individuals to be honored.  Please make note of the following steps and criteria.

  • CLICK HERE to submit your nomination online.  You will be able to upload the required documents.
  • DOWNLOAD a paper (PDF) form.  You can fill in the form on your computer and print it.
    • Get a PDF version of the instruction sheet - CLICK HERE

Detailed instructions

  • Any current member of the Retina Hall of Fame may nominate a candidate for induction into the RHOF.
  • The candidate may be living, or a posthumous nomination can be made.
  • We strongly recommend attaching to your nominating form a letter outlining the candidate’s qualifications for induction (see criteria below).  The candidate’s most recent CV also should be submitted, except for a deceased nominee.  In that case, please provide a biographical summary of the candidate’s education and academic/practice background.
  • Successful nominees will be inducted once each year.  The deadline to submit a nomination for the next class is November 30.
  • CRITERIA -- The Retina Hall of Fame endeavors to honor the lifetime achievements and contributions of individuals in the following areas: 
    • Vitreoretinal diseases and treatments;
    • Vitreoretinal surgery and surgical concepts; 
    • Macular disease and treatments; 
    • Ophthalmic surgical instrumentation; 
    • Growth and recognition of the field of retina as a unique subspecialty in ophthalmology;
    • Unique educational achievements in the realm of retina;
    • Any other area that the Board of Directors has determined should be recognized in the field of retina.
  • Candidates may be ophthalmologists who have completed a fellowship in retina, or an individual in any other discipline who meets the criteria for recognition.
  • The Retina Hall of Fame shall not consider nationality, race, religion, age or affiliation when considering candidates for induction.


Submit the nomination form and any documentation to support the nomination to the RHOF Administrative Office using the online form, or:

By mail:
Retina Hall of Fame
Administrative Office
10 W. Phillip Rd., Suite 120
Vernon Hills, IL 60061-1730 -- USA

Fax: 1-847-680-1682
Email: [email protected]


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